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  • Supports glandular system
  • Supports reproductive system
  • Nutrients for vitality

Nature’s Sunshine 5-W is a blend of herbs designed to support the reproductive and glandular systems of the female body. This product also contains minerals and nutrients which support healthy tissue growth and vitality. Some examples of the nutrients found in this blend include selenium to support the growth of healthy tissues, iron for healthy blood and manganese to provide support to the body’s tissues. The source of these nutrients are the herbs that make up this formula.

The five herbal ingredients found in 5-W are black cohosh root, butcher’s broom root, dong quai root, red raspberry leaves and squaw vine. Black cohosh is an herb commonly used to support the reproductive system and help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with menstruation and menopause. Butcher’s broom is an herb packed with powerful antioxidants that may have antibacterial and astringent properties. This is why this plant was once used by butchers to sanitize and clean their cutting boards.

Then there’s dong quai. This herb is extensively used in Chinese herbal medicine and is one of the most popular herbs used for women’s health issues. Dong quai is packed with Vitamin E, cobalt and iron and may benefit women suffering from the ails of menopause or uncomfortable menstruation. Red raspberry leaves are another herbal remedy just for women. These leaves are packed with tannins and antioxidants and are sometimes used during pregnancy. Another herb commonly used to prepare the uterus for the rigors of childbirth is squaw vine. Together, these five ingredients make Natures Sunshine 5-W an ideal supplement for enhancing and maintaining female health.