Artemisia Combination

100 Capsules
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  • Creates friendly environment for intestinal flora.
  • Digestive system support.

Nature’s Sunshine Artemisia Combination is a product that supports digestive health and creates a friendly environment which promotes the optimum balance of intestinal flora. This formulation is quite similar to the former Natures Sunshine Elecampane Combination, except that it contains two artemisia species — mugwort and wormwood. These two herbs are added to other ingredients including elecampane root, clove, garlic bulb root, ginger root, spearmint and turmeric for maximum results. Herbalists may recommend a product such as this one for problems like menstruation discomfort, circulatory problems, constipation, diarrhea and general digestive difficulty.

The various ingredients in this product have been chosen for their various properties. For example, clove flower buds work to dispel nausea and flatulence. Mugwort and wormwood, which are members of the artemisia family, can be used as antiparasitic agents. Spearmint, like all mint, is great for relieving upset stomach. Ginger root is a common remedy for nausea and is sometimes even used by pregnant women for morning sickness. Elecampane root is a body tonic and diuretic used for a variety of purposes including those related to digestion. Finally, turmeric is included because not only is it packed with antioxidants, it also helps to soothe the stomach thanks to its curcumin level.

Artemisia Combination