Bentonite, Hydrated

32 fl oz
Stock Number 1725
(Not available in California)


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  • Cleanses and detoxifies intestinal tract.
  • Absorbs toxins.
  • Provides trace minerals.

Nature’s Sunshine Hydrated Bentonite is a product made to cleanse and detoxify the intestinal tract of the body. Bentonite is a natural clay derived from volcanic ash. When taken internally it helps support cleansing and detoxification.

Research has shown that the use of volcanic ash as an internal supplement can be traced to the natives of the Andes Mountains, Central African tribes and even the Australian aborigines. Many cultures are aware of the beneficial properties of this natural substance.

The microfine hydrated bentonite in this product is suspended in a base of USP-grade purified water. Like all products offered by Natures Sunshine, this product contains only the finest natural ingredients and is upheld to the highest quality standards.

Bentonite, Hydrated