Bone/Skin Poultice

100 Capsules
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  • Offer the same features associated with comfrey leaf.
  • Mix with golden salve for a soothing poultice.

Nature’s Sunshine Bone/Skin Poultice was formerly known as BON-C. This product provides the same benefits as comfrey leaf. Comfrey leaf has an extensive history as a healing agent for the skin and the bones. Bone/Skin Poultice is made with mullein leaf, plaintain herb, yarrow flower and rehmannia root. Each of these ingredients combine to offer the same benefits as comfrey leaf and are a viable alternative.

Yarrow flower is an anti-inflammatory agent commonly used in herbal medicine. Mullein leaf has many uses and can be used as a poultice for healing the skin. Plantain herb is often used topically and may sometimes be used to quell bleeding and heal wounds. Rehmannia root strengthens injured bones and has many other properties including as an overall healing tonic. Natures Sunshine Bone/Skin poutice can be mixed with golden salve to create a poultice to soothe the skin.

Bone/Skin Poultice