Bowel Detox

120 Capsules
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  • Cleans and builds the intestinal system.
  • Strengthens colon tissue.
  • Supports proper digestion and intestinal function.

Nature’s Sunshine Bowel Detox is a product designed to support a healthy intestinal system. This formula helps facilitate regular elimination of waste from the body and supports strong colon tissue.

It also aids digestion, thanks to enzymes that work in the upper gastrointestinal area. Bowel Detox contains a blend of carefully chosen ingredients that work in conjuction with each other for total digestive and eliminative health.

In this formula you get betaine HC1, pancreatin, bile salts and pepsin which contains 24 mg of milk-derived lactose. These ingredients are contained in a base that includes psyllium hulls, which add fiber and encourage elimination. Other ingredients include psyllium hulls which add fiber, ginger rhizome which soothes the digestion and marshmallow root which is included for its high mucilage content.

In addition, Bowel Detox features other supportive ingredients including cascara sagrada bark, apple pectin, parthenium root, charcoal, bentonite clay and sodium copper chlorophyllin.

Bowel Detox