Calcium – Magnesium, SynerPro

150 Tablets
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  • Provides nutrients that support the structural system and aids in the maintenance of teeth, bones, tendons and skin.
  • Supports the maintenance of a balanced pH.
  • May offer benefits to the circulatory system.

Calcium Magnesium SynerPro is a product by Nature’s Sunshine which supports a healthy structural system. In addition, it also helps maintain strong teeth, bones, skin and tendons.

This formula may also benefit the circulation and help keep pH levels in the body balanced. Both calcium and magnesium depend on one another to work properly in the body. Calcium is important for bone health, muscular health, nerve conduction, blood clotting and a variety of other functions.

Magnesium works to activate hundreds of enzymes in the body. Together with calcium, it plays a vital role in muscular and nerve functions. Most people are unaware that as much as 80 percent or sometimes even more of the magnesium naturally found in whole grains is stripped away during processing which makes supplementation a wise choice.

In this formula by Nature’s Sunshine you not only get calcium and magnesium, but also vitamin D, zinc, copper, boron and phosphorus. The nutrients are derived from a variety of natural ingredients such as broccoli flower, tomato, rosemary, turmeric and more.

Calcium – Magnesium, SynerPro