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  • Relief of occasional intestinal distress.
  • Six herbs to support the stomach and digestive system.

CLT-X by Nature’s Sunshine is a product designed to support a healthy digestive system and relieve occasional bouts of intestinal discomfort. This herbal formula contains six ingredients carefully chosen to work together for maximum results. First is slippery elm. This ingredient contains a high level of mucilage which is soothing to the mucus membranes and intestinal tissues. Marshmallow root is another ingredient which contains lots of mucilage. Therefore, it works to soothe the digestive tract and relieve discomfort.

Ginger root is included in this formula because of its nausea reducing properties. Ginger is a common herbal remedy for upset stomach and is even gentle enough for many women to use as a tea during pregnancy. Dong quai root is another herb commonly used by women. Dong quai not only promotes a healthy digestive system but also may promote a healthy reproductive system as well. It is one of the most commonly utilized herb in Chinese herbal medicine, second only to ginseng.

Wild Yam is another herb used by women for relief of feminine problems. In addition to this use, wild yam has anti-spasmodic properties which may help relieve the discomfort of stomach cramps. Lobelia root is included in this formula because it also works to soothe and relax the digestive system. Each of these ingredients, while powerful on their own, have been combined into this formula by Nature’s Sunshine to aid the digestive and intestinal system of the body.