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  • Accelerates healing.
  • Balances blood sugar.
  • Reduces insulin needs.
  • Increases the metabolism of fat.
  • Regenerates and accelerates the normal growth of aged or injured muscle,
    bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nervous tissue.
  • Regulates neurotransmitters, providing alertness and better concentration.

Nature’s Sunshine Products offers Colostrum, a product made from the incredibly nutritious substance derived from nursing mammals. Colostrum contains immune enhancing components and immunoglobins.

It helps support a healthy immune system as it is naturally used to boost immunity in newborn humans and animals. The colostrum in this formula is derived from bovines.

Colostrum may also accelerate bodily healing, help balance blood sugar levels and reduce the body’s need for insulin. In addition, it may help boost fat metabolism and regenerate tissue such as muscle, collagen, bone and nervous system tissue. Colostrum may even work to regulate the neurotransmitters of the brain which means improved concentration and a higher level of alertness.

Nature’s Sunshine Colostrum may be recommended by herbal healing specialists for proper weight management, improved immunity and proper brain function.