Coral Calcium

75 g
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  • Highest quality marine grade coral calcium.
  • Contains a 2:1 calcium / magnesium ratio.
  • Alkalizing formula.
  • Helps body offset acidity.
  • Supports a strong structural system.

Coral Calcium is a product by Nature’s Sunshine designed to help keep the acidity level of the body at a normal level. Coral calcium is a naturally alkaline substance and can help maintain healthy pH levels in the body. This alkalizing supplement helps the body balance acidity and provides calcium which is essential for structural system health. This product has a 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio. One serving of this product contains 325 mg of calcium and 163 mg of magnesium.

In addition to the calcium and magnesium, Coral Calcium also contains an ingredient called montmorillonite clay. Montmorillonite clay contains a range of trace minerals which work absorb digestive tract toxins. Scientific research has shown that a diet rich in calcium and other important minerals can promote healthy bones when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Getting enough calcium is important for everyone, but especially for anyone with osteoporosis in their family, Caucasian women and Asian women. These groups are especially prone to problems related to inadequate calcium intake. A supplement like Coral Calcium by Nature’s Sunshine can be an effective way to increase the amount of calcium in your diet.

Coral Calcium