Digestive Bitters Tonic

4 fl oz
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  • Enhances secretion of digestive juices
  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulates and cleanses the liver and gall bladder.

Nature’s Sunshine Digestive Bitters Tonic is a natural product designed to enhance the secretion of digestive tract liquids which improve absorption of vitamins and minerals.

This product may also help cleanse the gall bladder and liver which is important to overall health. This may lead to enhanced vitality, energy and vigor.

These ingredients include dandelion root, orange peel tincture, cardamom tincture, gentian root and phosphoric acid. Dandelion root has been used for ages as an overall body cleanser and detoxifier. Red raspberry also has a cleansing effect because of its astringent nature.

This tonic is pleasing to the palate thanks to stevia, a natural sweetener that has none of the detrimental characteristics of sugar but all the great taste.

Digestive Bitters Tonic