Flash-Ease T/R

60 Tablets
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  • Balances hormone levels.
  • Contains phyto-estrogens.
  • Supports the mature female all day long with timed-release nutrition.

Nature’s Sunshine Flash-Ease T/R is made with a proprietary blend of herbs designed to support female health during menopause. This formula contains dong quai root and black cohosh root and rhizome. Also known as Chinese angelica, dong quai a multipurpose herb used for a variety of reasons. A widely used herb in Chinese medicine, dong quai contains a high level of vitamin E and is commonly recommended by herbalists for various female health issues.

Black cohosh root has been used for ages by women dealing with the side effects and glandular changes associated with menopause. This herb may help alleviate hot flashes which are a common problem experienced by women going through the change of life. In Flash-Ease, you get a time release formula that releases a steady amount of concentrated ingredients throughout the day. This formula has been standardized to contain 2.5 percent triterpene glycosides. Triterpene glycosides are the key ingredients that make black cohosh root effective for herbal medicine. Also found in this formula are phytoestrogens, which may benefit the female body in a variety of ways.

Flash-Ease T/R