Focus Attention

90 Capsules
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  • Provides important nutrients for normal brain-stimulation levels.
  • Helps modulate brain activity and energy levels.
  • Supports blood circulation and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Focus Attention is a product by Nature’s Sunshine designed to provide vital nutrients to the brain. These nutrients help support normal stimulation levels and regulate activity and energy. It may also support healthy circulation of blood to the brain and function of neurotransmitters.

Ingredients in this formula include ginkgo biloba, grape seed, slippery elm, DMAE, lemon balm and l-Glutamine. To make the most of this formula, use along with flax seed oil.

Ginkgo biloba has long been prized for its positive effects on the brain. It is a common ingredient in many Chinese herbal blends and Western herbal supplements. DMAE and lemon balm leaves help support normal brain function while grape seed promotes healthy circulation.

The ingredients in this formula have been carefully chosen for their beneficial properties on brain health. By supplementing your Focus Attention with Flax Seed Oil also by Nature’s Sunshine, you allow for optimum absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Focus Attention