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  • Supports the respiratory system
  • Encourages free-breathing.

Four by Nature’s Sunshine Products is a supplement designed to support the respiratory and nervous systems of the body. The name comes from the fact that there are four herbs contained in this blend. They are blessed thistle, catnip, pleurisy root and yerba santa. Each one has been carefully chosen for its beneficial effect on these two systems of the body.

Blessed thistle is often used in herbal blends as a multipurpose tonic. This herb can reach up to two feet in height and has delicate yellow blooms in late spring and summer. It is often used by herbalists to support female health. Catnip is a common herb that can be used for so much more than delighting the feline population. It has a variety of medicinal uses, including as a support for the nervous system. Then there’s pleurisy root. As its name suggests, this herb is commonly used for supporting the respiratory system. It works alone or in conjunction with other herbs to relieve breathing difficulty such as pleurisy. Finally, yerba santa is included because it is an expectorant which may also help to relieve bronchial discomfort. Together these four herbs make a powerful and high quality formula ideal for respiratory support.