Free Amino Acids

60 Capsules
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  • Designed for individuals involved in strength and endurance training.
  • Help develop muscle tissue, mass, and density during physical activity,
    stress, and recovery.
  • Helps transport fats into the mitochondria to be burned for energy.

Free Amino Acids by Nature’s Sunshine products is made for adults participating in endurance and strength training. This product may help in the development of muscular tissue, density and mass during times of demanding physical exercise and afterwards.

The body requires 20 amino acids in order to make proteins. Twelve of these amino acids are made by the body, while the remaining eight must be derived from the diet. Because some people do not get enough amino acids from the foods they eat supplementation may be necessary.

This formula helps in the transportation of fats which are burned to create energy. The eight essential amino acids contained in Free Amino Acids have been designed to meet the requirements of the FAO and WHO respectively. The FAO stands for the Food and Agricultural Organization while the WHO stands for the World Health Organization.

These specifications ensure the amino acids are utilized in the most efficient way possible by the body. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan Free Amino Acids by Nature’s Sunshine can help promote good health and encourage strength and stamina.

Free Amino Acids