Gentle Move

90 Capsules
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  • Designed to Hydrate Intestinal Lumen and Soften Stool
  • Natural Gentle Herbal Laxative
  • For Individuals Sensitive to Stimulant Laxatives

Gentle Move is designed to hydrate intestinal lumen by attracting and retaining fluid within the colon. This helps soften stool and provides soothing nutrients to the intestinal system. Gentle Move is specially formulated to utilize the three different laxative mechanisms: providing bulk, osmotic hydration and mild stimulant action.

Three basic types of laxatives exist: osmotic, bulk-forming and stimulant. Osmotic laxatives increase the amount of water that stays in the intestinal contents as they pass through the intestines.

Bulk-forming laxatives feature fiber supplements that increase the bulk and water contents of the stool and encourage healthy bowel activity.

Stimulant laxatives stimulate themuscle contractions along the intestinal tract. Gentle move combines osmotic and bulk-forming with a mild stimulant action.

Gentle Move features a proprietary blend of magnesium hydroxide and herbs. Magnesium hydroxide is a natural salt of magnesium that specifically attracts and retains fluid within the colon. Triphala extract is a traditional Ayurvedic combination of dried fruits considered a “health harmonizer.”

Traditionally, triphala is used as a gentle laxative thatsupports digestive and intestinal health. Gentle Move’s herbal blend also contains yellow dock root, ginger, marshmallow root and slippery elm to aid digestion and provide soothing action of the digestive tract.

Gentle Move