Ginseng, Korean

100 Capsules
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  • Helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system.
  • Balances the body.

Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax Ginseng, is a commonly used medicinal herb native to Korea. This herb is used to balance the body, help fight the effects of stress, increase energy and sharpen mental clarity. The word panax comes from panakos, a Greek word meaning panacea. Korean ginseng may also boost the immune system and serve as an adaptogen to the body and mind. Adaptogens are substances which increase resistance to stress caused by physical, environmental and chemical sources.

The active ingredients in this type of ginseng are called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides offer benefits such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Because the ginsenosides are the active ingredients you want to choose a supplement that offers a guaranteed potency which is what Natures Sunshine ginseng offers. Nature’s Sunshine Korean ginseng has 390 mg of Korean ginseng root per capsule. Each capsule has a guaranteed potency of 12 mg ginsenosides.

Ginseng, Korean