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  • Helps stimulate repair of damaged cartilage.
  • Contains una de gato for increased overall efficacy.
  • Supports the structural, nervous and immune systems.

About Nature’s Sunshine Glucosamine

Nature’s Sunshine Glucosamine is a product made to help repair cartilage that may be damaged and support the various systems of the body including immune, nervous and structural. The older we get, the less efficient our body becomes at making the necessary elements for healthy joints.

Glucosamine works in combination with chondroitin to help rev up the rebuilding of cartilage. It helps cartilage become stronger and healthier and helps it stay that way.

This formula also contains cat’s claw, also called una de gato. Cat’s claw is found high in the Peruvian rainforests where it has been used for ages as an overall body tonic. This herb supplies vital nutrients to the structural system and works as an adaptogen for the metabolism.

An adaptogen is defined as a substance that protects against the damaging effects of stress. It works together with crab shell derived glucosamine to provide support and nutrition to the bones and cartilage.

Recommended Use

Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.


Glucosamine hydryochloride and cat’s claw inner bark.


Nature's Sunshine Glucosamine