Herbal Trace Minerals

100 Capsules
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  • Provides essential trace minerals from natural supplements.
  • Supports multiple body systems.

Herbal Trace Minerals is a Nature’s Sunshine product that provides the body with important trace minerals derived from natural sources.

These minerals work to provide support for multiple parts of the body including the digestive system, eliminative system and glandular system. Each carefully chosen ingredient plays a role in boosting these systems of the body and supporting good health. Like all Nature’s Sunshine products, Herbal Trace Minerals contains the finest quality herbs each of which contribute to the formula.

For example, dandelion and alfalfa are included because they provide nutrients absorbed into their deep roots. Most Western diets favor shallow rooted vegetables therefore dandelion and alfalfa provides trace nutrients most people don’t consume regularly. Kelp is another ingredient that is packed with essential trace minerals not normally seen in the average Western diet.

This formula provides you with manganese, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium. These nutrients support the health of the thyroid, structural system and nervous system.

Herbal Trace Minerals