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  • Supports joint health
  • Heat reducing properties
  • Promotes the removal of toxins.

IF-C is a Chinese herbal product by Nature’s Sunshine created to support the health of the joints and immune system. In addition, it may balance an overabundance of fire energy. The Chinese name “qing re” translates into “clear the heat” which is what this product does using a combination of 18 different herbal ingredients.

The immune system and structural system of the body is supported thanks to herbs like schizonepeta, forsythia and lonicera. This formula also may encourage proper blood flow and detoxification.

A formula such as IF-C may be recommended to reduce inflammation, encourage joint health and even alleviate some side effects of menstruation and menopause.

The other herbs and botanicals featured in this formula include licorice root, gardina fruit, articum seed and numerous others used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like all the products made by Nature’s Sunshine, IF-C is made to the highest quality standards from the finest ingredients.