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  • Supports Detoxifying Functions of the Body
  • Strengthens Kidneys and Bladder

JP-X is one of the Nature’s Sunshine products created to support the urinary and glandular systems of the body. It also provides support for the detoxification processes of the body. The ingredients in this formula even work to promote digestive and reproductive health and proper function of the bladder and kidneys. The ingredients in this formula include juniper, parsley, dong quai, uva ursi, ginger, marshmallow and golden seal.

The JP in the name of this formula stand for two of the most beneficial ingredients — juniper and parsley. Juniper berries grow on the juniper shrub which grows in many Northern Hemisphere locations. Used to flavor foods and beverages, these berries also have a supportive effect on the urinary system. Parsley root is commonly used by herbalists for urinary system support. Parsley also contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, magnesium and more.

The other ingredients in this formula are also beneficial in a variety of ways. Dong quai is an extremely popular herb in Chinese herbal medicine and has a supportive effect on the urinary system as well as the whole body. Uva ursi works to cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract thanks to its antiseptic properties. Ginger works to soothe the digestion, while marshmallow soothes the tissues thanks to its high mucilage content and nutrients.Golden seal root is a multipurpose herb used not only to support the urinary system but also to strengthen immunity and assist in the removal of toxins.