Kidney Activator (K)

100 Capsules
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  • Encourages proper water balance in body tissues.
  • Supports body mechanisms designed to prevent (not cure) stone formation.
  • Soothes kidneys and bladder.

Kidney Activator by Nature’s Sunshine is a product made to promote water balance in the tissues, prevent the formation of kidney stones and soothe the kidneys and bladder. Please note this product does not remove or cure existing kidney stones. The ingredients in this formula were chosen for their supportive role in the health of the urinary system, bladder and kidneys. Contained in this formula are herbs such as juniper, uva ursi, parsley, dandelion root and chamomile. Each one of these herbs helps strengthen and support this area of the body.

For example, juniper berries help support kidney health and the urinary system. Both uva ursi and parsley are included in this formula for their beneficial effect on the urinary system also. Dandelion root is another ingredient which helps promote urinary health and proper fluid balance. Chamomile flowers are one of the most commonly used herbs for a variety of different purposes. Kidney Activator contains nutrients needed by the urinary system for proper function, including vitamin A, iron, manganese, potassium, riboflavin and sodium.

Kidney Activator (K)