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  • Helps metabolize food and energy.
  • Supports the cardiovascular system.

Nature’s Sunshine l-Carnitine is a product designed to support the proper metabolization of food. It is an amino acid with which particular proteins are created. Synthesized in the kidneys and liver, l-carnitine is essential to the transport of fatty acids called long-chain fatty acids into the cells of the body.

The National Research Council states that a deficiency of l-carnitine may manifest via symptoms such as severe hypoglycemia and weakness of the muscles.

Sometimes supplementation of l-carnitine is necessary because it is found in the muscle tissue of animals. Vegetarians may not get enough l-carnitine because they do not consume animal produts. There are synthetic forms of this amino acid called D1-carnitine which should be avoided due to potential adverse effects from use.

Nature’s Sunshine l-carnitine is a safe and natural form of this amino acid for those who want to add this supplement to their daily diet without consuming meat.