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  • Provides structural, circulatory, and immune system support.
  • One of eight essential amino acids.
  • Helps control acid/alkaline balance.
  • Strengthens circulation
  • Boosts Immune System

Nature’s Sunshine l-Lysine is a protein building block, also called an amino acid, that is important for a variety of bodily functions. This amino acid is one of the eight essential amino acids needed by the body for immune, circulatory and structural support. It may help strengthen the circulation and manage the balance of acidity and alkalinity.

This amino acid helps promote proper absorption of calcium which is extremely important to the structural system. It also assists in the production of collagen which is crucial for connective tissue, cartilage and even bone.

It even works to favorably influence glands such as the mammary and pineal glands and is important to gall bladder health. Because l-lysine cannot be made by the body through nutrients supplementation with a product such as this one may be desired.