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  • Supports normal bowel function.
  • Encourages elimination of waste.
  • Supports a clean colon.

LB-X by Nature’s Sunshine is a product formulated to support proper function of the bowels and the elimination of waste from the body. Contained in this formula is crude fiber which the body needs for proper eliminative function. Iron is included for its supportive effects on both elimination and digestion, while manganese supports the glands of the body. Silicon is a mineral that helps cleanse while riboflavin helps the production of enzymes. These nutrients are provided through a blend of herbs chosen for their beneficial effects.

LB-X contains barberry bark, capsicum, cascara sagrada, dong quai, fennel seed, ginger root, golden seal root, turkey rhubarb and red raspberry leaves. Each of these ingredients contributes to the effectiveness of this formula. For example, capsicum helps alleviate digestive inflammation while dong quai promotes not only digestive health but provides essential nutrients. Ginger root is a common remedy for stomach upset and nausea that is very gentle and also used for culinary purposes. Golden seal root is a multipurpose herb included in many herbal blends and may have a beneficial and supportive effect on various functions of the body including digestion and elimination.