Licorice Root Extract

2 fl oz
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  • Supports the adrenal glands.
  • Provides lymphatic energy.
  • Supports the liver and proper sugar balance.

Nature’s Sunshine Licorice Root Extract is a product designed to support the lymphatic and adrenal systems.

It also helps support liver health and proper blood sugar balance in those with normal levels. When most people think of licorice, they think of candy. Although the majority of modern licorice candies are made with anise instead of licorice, this root is still packed with benefits.

For thousands of years, licorice root has been used as an overall body tonic and support for the respiratory system. This herb is a common ingredient in Chinese herbal formulas and is used as a balancing agent for other ingredients.

Licorice root contains a powerful triterpenoid saponin called glycyrrhizin which gives this botanical many of its beneficial properties. This herb can be found growing wild in many parts of Europe and is cultivated in many countries including India and Russia.

In ancient Egypt, licorice was such a prized plant that King Tutankhamen was entombed with it. In addition to its other beneficial properties, licorice root contains important minerals like magnesium and thiamine.

This product contains 396 mg licorice root in an easy to swallow liquid base. Liquid extracts are quickly and easily absorbed by the body and ideal for anyone who is unable to swallow capsules.

Licorice Root Extract