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  • Supports the respiratory system.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Works as a universal relaxant.

Lobelia is a plant which grows in the eastern parts of North America. Known as Indian tobacco, this flowering herb was often smoked by Native Americans for a variety of reasons. Although this plant is used in hanging baskets because of its beautiful white, purple and pink blossoms, the main use for lobelia is medicinal. The active ingredient is called lobeline, and is somewhat like nicotine.

Because of this, lobelia is sometimes used by individuals who want to quit smoking. Lobelia also acts as a nervous system relaxant and may encourage a feeling of calm. This can help smokers who are dealing with nicotine withdrawal jitters. This herb also provides respiratory support. Natures Sunshine lobelia contains 375 mg lobelia per capsule. Also check out the liquid extract which is perfect for individuals who cannot swallow pills. The extract can also be applied externally or added to bathwater. The liquid extract contains alcohol, apple cider vinegar, glycerin and lobelia.