Nervous Fatigue Formula (Chinese)

100 Capsules
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  • Supports adrenal function.
  • Provides energy/metabolism boost.
  • Nurtures central nervous system/heart connection.

Nervous Fatigue Formula by Nature’s Sunshine is a Chinese herbal formula used to reduce nervous tension, support healthy adrenal function and boost vitality.

The ingredients used in this formula would be considered as ingredients that enhance one’s level of the fire element. In the ancient tradition of Chinese herbal healing a fire deficiency may manifest in the digestive system, reproductive system or cardiovascular system. Therefore, this formula supports these systems by nourishing them while offering stress relief.

The herbs in this formula include biota, schizandra and zizyphus. Other herbs included in this formula include Panax ginseng and astralagus, both of which are commonly used in both Eastern and Western herbal medicine.

Together the ingredients in this formula may work to promote restful sleep, proper digestion, healthy cardiovascular function and a reduction in nervous tension. Like all Nature’s Sunshine products Nervous Fatigue Formula contains only the highest quality herbs and botanicals.

Nervous Fatigue Formula (Chinese)