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  • Non-flush niacin
  • Works in conjunction with other B vitamins.
  • May aid in detoxification.

Niacin by Nature’s Sunshine is a vitamin crucial for proper nervous system function. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, works together with other members of the B vitamin family to support and nourish the body. This formula is non-flush, which means you will not experience the heated discomfort associated with other niacin supplements.

Experts believe that niacin can assist the body in detoxification. It is also thought to have a beneficial effect on healthy circulation.To encourage beneficial effects the niacin in this formula is blended with feverfew and hops, two herbs renowned for their positive medicinal effects.

It is recommended that any niacin product such as this one by Nature’s Sunshine be taken along with other essential B vitamins. Niacin is often included in B-complex supplements as well as daily multivitamins which are also offered by this trusted company.