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  • Helps maintain balance blood sugar levels
  • Contains two species of “Prickly Pear”
  • Helps prevent fat and excess sugars from entering the bloodstream

Nopal is a member of the cactus family and is commonly known by the name prickly pear. It is used by herbalists to support the health of the digestive system. Nopal is also eaten as a food because it has nutritional value. This herb contains mucilage and pectins which work to strengthen the liver and pancreas. Nopal may also affect the bowel in such a way that excessive sugar and fat is not absorbed by the bloodstream.

This herb may also be used to maintain and balance healthy blood sugar. Some herbalists may even use nopal for fever, respiratory problems, high cholesterol and prostate problems. Nopal is truly a multipurpose herb with many uses. This Nature’s Sunshine nopal capsules contain 400 mg nopal per capsule. This product actually includes two different types of prickly pear for maximum benefits.