Oregon Grape

2 fl oz
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  • Supports skin health
  • Liquid form for easy assimilation.
  • Easy to swallow.

Oregon Grape by Nature’s Sunshine is an extract designed to support the health of the skin and may help alleviate certain chronic conditions.

Oregon grape is a shrub native to the western region of North America. Also called mountain grape, this plant can get as high as six feet tall. It produces small yellow blossoms and small purple berries. Oregon grape contains the alkaloid berberine which has antimicrobial properties and is also a component of golden seal root. Other active components in Oregon grape include columbamine and oxycanthine.

In this formula, Oregon grape extract is added to a natural glycerin base. Glycerin has its own nutritional benefits for the body. Because this herb is in liquid form, it is more quickly and easily assimilated by the body and easy to swallow.

Like all Nature’s Sunshine Products, this formula is made with the finest ingredients to the highest quality standards.

Oregon Grape