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  • Provides herbs to support the urinary system.
  • Provides support for the male granular system.

P-X by Nature’s Sunshine Products works to support the male urinary and glandular systems.

The herbs in this formula provide essential nutrients like vitamin A, manganese, sodium and silicon. Juniper berries grow on the juniper shrub and are used by herbalists for urinary health and support. Golden seal root and rhizome is included because it not only helps detoxify but supports the glands and urinary tract. Capsicum fruit has a variety of medicinal purposes inlcuding as a support for the circulation.

Parsley leaves also have a supportive effect on the urinary systems of the body. Ginger is a popular herb not only for cooking but for its effects on the body. It is commonly used for stomach upset and nausea and included in many herbal blends. Marshmallow root has a high mucilage content which is soothing to the tissues of the body, while uva ursi is included for its antiseptic nature.

Finally, eleuthero root works as an all-over tonic and is known as an adaptogen. It is commonly used to boost male health and included in many herbal formulas.