Passion Flower

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  • Supports the nervous system.
  • Promotes relaxation.

Passion flower, from the family Passifloraceae, is a tropical flower which features bright, beautiful blooms. Passion flower grows on every continent except Europe and Antartica. Nine varieties of this flower are native to the United States. Missionaries named the flower because they thought it looked similar to the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ during the Passion, which was the period of suffering that occurred after the Last Supper prior his death by crucifixion.

This flower is often compared to valerian because of its relaxing effects on the nervous system. The leaves of the passion flower have been used for ages to relax tight muscles and encourage restful sleep. It is used by herbalists for anxiety, muscle spasm, digestive problems, relief of pain and more. In addition, some herbalists may use it to promote healthy blood pressure. Each Nature’s Sunshine passion flower capsule contains 360 mg passion flower.

Passion Flower