Power Meal


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  • The non-GMO plant and superfood protein powers your metabolism and promotes satiety.
  • Calories fuel you without ever coming from added sugars or processed, simple carbs.
  • Beneficial carbs, like dietary fiber from whole foods, roots, herbs and mushrooms, add to Power Meal’s smart macro balance.
  • The nourishing herbal root blend supports energy, digestion, circulation, mood and focus.
  • A powerhouse of micronutrients, naturally found in premium fruits and veggies (including 5 types of berries) amplifies the nutrient/benefit profile
  • Five powerful, proven organic mushrooms activate both innate and adaptive immunity.
  • Eight sources of plant-based fiber support satiety and gut health, for that healthy satisfaction.
  • Ten essential vitamins, and Ten effective minerals help you meet the needs of your daily diet.
  • Pineapple bromelain works synergistically with all the gut-healthy fiber to aid digestion and comfort the stomach.

About Nature’s Sunshine Power Meal

Power Meal combines top-quality ingredients into one convenient blend.  All of this goodness is swirled together in a heavenly chocolate or vanilla flavor, enhanced with cinnamon and stevia.   It features:

Better Nutrition: 

  • Premium plant protein with balanced carbs and fat so you feel more daily power
  • Helpful calories come from whole foods, roots, herbs and mushrooms
  • Formulated by herbalists, scientists, and health practitioners

Better Performance:

  • Strength & endurance support from premium plant protein
  • Mood, digestion, and immunity support from roots, mushrooms, and plant superfoods
  • Gut health & satiety from upcycled fiber and comforting enzymes

Better Taste:

  • Smooth, creamy, mouth-watering vanilla or chocolate options
  • No sugar added, no artificial sweeteners, tasty to the last drop

Recommended Usage

Mix 2 rounded scoops (57g) in 12-16 oz of water based on taste preference. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Why We Like Power Meal:

  • Supports lean muscle, endurance, immunity, gut health, focus and stress response
  • Delivers 25g protein with balanced, whole food macros and prebiotic fiber
  • Economical formula.

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31.74 oz Chocolate, 31.74 oz Vanilla

Power Meal
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