Psyllium Hulls

100 Capsules
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  • Convenient way to add more fiber to your diet.
  • Supports health intestinal and cardiovascular systems.

Psyllium is a mucilage producing plant native to areas of India and the Middle East. Nature’s Sunshine psyllium hulls help support proper intestinal health. Also called plantago, psyllium has a very high level of soluble fiber. If you need to add soluble fiber to your diet, psyllium hulls can be a great source. These hulls are capable of absorbing many times their weight. The undigestible fiber can help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels in the body. Many experts also believe these benefits can contribute to cardiovascular health.

Nature’s Sunshine psyllium hulls capsules contains 465 mg psyllium hulls per capsule. Some people may experience allergic reaction if they are already sensitive to ingested or inhaled psyllium. For those who don’t have psyllium allergy or sensitivity, these capsules are a great way to add fiber to your diet. The serving size is two capsules, taken twice daily with food.

Psyllium Hulls