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  • Supports the immune system
  • Contains antioxidants.

Sage is a very common herb found in the Mediterranean region of Italy. Many people in other parts of the world cultivate sage in their home herb gardens. There are hundreds of different varieties of this aromatic herb found all over the globe. This herb is widely used as a seasoning for meat, which in olden days may have had something to do with its preservative properties. Sage contains antioxidants and helps promote microbial health.

Sage belongs to the mint family. It’s name comes from the Latin word salvare, or “to heal.” The astingent nature of this herb works as a purifying tonic and many Italians consume the leaves with bread and olive oil as part of their meal. Sage tea is sometimes used by menopausal women to reduce the intensity of uncomfortable night sweats. This herb can even be brewed into a tea and applied to the hair as a natural darkener. Other potential uses for sage include as a circulation aid, anxiety reliever and muscle spasm reducer. Each Nature’s Sunshine sage capsule contains 330 mg sage.