Sinus Support EF

100 Capsules
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  • Encourages proper nasal function.
  • Helps maintain nasal tissues.
  • Is ephedra-free.

Sinus Support EF is a product by Nature’s Sunshine which helps encourage healthy nasal passages and proper respiratory function.

Unlike many prescription and over the counter remedies, Sinus Support does not contain ephedra. The ingredients in this formula provide nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, silicon, potassium, thiamine and zinc. Each herb in this formula has been carefully chosen for its beneficial effects and is of the highest quality.

This blend contains burdock root, capsicum fruit, golden seal, parsley, horehound, althea, yerba santa and synephrine. Burdock root contains a variety of minerals important for good health. Capsicum fruit is used for many purposes including to ease inflammation and aid circulation. Golden seal is a root with immune boosting properties that is often included in herbal blends as an overall tonic.

Parsley is used for its supportive effects on the respiratory system in addition to being a powerful breath freshener. The various ingredients in Sinus Support are designed to encourage and protect the health of the respiratory system and nasal passages.

Sinus Support EF