Spleen Activator (Chinese)

100 Capsules
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  • Nourishes spleen function.
  • Supports pancreas.
  • Relief of occasional nighttime leg cramps.

Spleen Activator by Nature’s Sunshine is a Chinese herbal formula that contains a balanced blend of 18 herbs. These herbs have been chosen in accordance with Chinese herbal medicine for their energizing and balancing properties.

This formula us known as wen zhong which translates to “warm the center.” This blend works to strengthen the element of earth in the body by supporting the digestion, spleen and pancreas. It may even help alleviate discomfort caused by nighttime cramping of the legs. Although this formula has 18 herbs, the three main ingredients are atractylodes, ginseng and licorice root.

Atractylodes is a Chinese herb that is native to Asia and is especially plentiful in the Zhejiang province of China. The root is the most common part of the plant to be used in herbal blends. Herbalists use atracytlodes to remove dampness and warm the body. Ginseng is another commonly used herb in Chinese medicine.

This formula contains Panax ginseng which is used to boost energy and provide balance. Panax ginseng is the most popular type of ginseng and is included in many types of herbal blends. Licorice root is another popular herb that is used to promote balance, vitality and detoxification. Other ingredients included in this Nature’s Sunshine formula include astralagus root, lotus seed, citrus peel, ginger rhizome, magnolia bark, cardamom fruit and several others chosen for their beneficial properties.

Spleen Activator (Chinese)