Stomach Comfort

60 Tablets
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  • Helps neutralize acid.
  • Soothes the stomach.
  • Supports proper digestion.

Stomach Comfort by Nature’s Sunshine is a product designed to provide relief for stomach upset and support the digestive system. This formula works to neutralize acid while soothing the stomach.

The ingredients in this formula help protect the lining of the esophagus and calm the digestive tract. This product may be used to alleviate certain conditions like gas, acid indigestion or heartburn.

This formula contains calcium carbonate, alginic derived from brown seaweed, papaya, slippery elm bark, ginger rhizome, licorice root and guar gum. Papaya contains enzymes beneficial to the digestive system, while slippery elm soothes tissues due to its high mucilage content.

Licorice root is included in many herbal blends due to its effects as an all over tonic. Ginger rhizome is a safe and well known remedy for nausea and is so gentle some practitioners recommend ginger tea for morning sickness.

Stomach Comfort