TS II (with Hops)

100 Capsules
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  •  Supports Proper Thyroid Function
  •  Balances the Thyroid

Nature’s Sunshine TS II supplement is designed to support the glandular system of the body and balance the thyroid Professional herbalists may recommend a supplement like TS II for issues dealing with the metabolism, circulation, weight, blood pressure, digestion and more.

The ingredients contained in this botanical formula have been chosen for their beneficial effects and are what would be considered in Chinese herbal medicine as fire enhancing.

Kelp plant is often used for balancing the thyroid and contains trace minerals and essential nutrients. Irish moss is another botanical included for its nutritional value and beneficial effects on the body. Parsley herb is more than just a culinary garnish, as it is packed with nutrients including chlorophyll and good for the kidneys, urinary tract and more.

Hops flowers not only offers nutritional value, but works to soothe the nerves. Finally, capsicum fruit helps aid circulation and may also soothe the digestive tract.

TS II (with Hops)