Vitamin C Ascorbates

9 oz
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  • Provides nutritional support to the immune system.
  • Protects against free radical damage antioxidant abilities.
  • Supports tissue development.
  • Aids in collagen production.

Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin C Ascorbates is a product designed to support the immune system with the power of vitamin C.

This formula offers nutrition and support to the body and protects against damage from free radicals because of its antioxidant content. In addition, it supports healthy tissues and promotes collagen development. This product is non-acidic, which means it is gentle on the stomach.

This product comes in a sugar-free powder that is easily combined with your favorite beverage. Each serving gives you a whopping 2,000 mg of vitamin C that features three different ascorbates.

These ascorbates are magnesium, calcium and potassium. Ascorbates are minerals that allow for a greater absorption and utilization of vitamin C in the body. Like all products made by Nature’s Sunshine, you can trust that Vitamin C Ascorbates contains the finest ingredients and is upheld to top quality standards.

Vitamin C Ascorbates