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  • Contains important nutrients for glandular health.
  • Supports the prostate gland .
  • Supports increased energy levels.

X-A by Nature’s Sunshine Products is a formula designed to support male glandular health and the health of the prostate.

This product blends together a number of powerful herbs prized for their beneficial effects. In addition, this product may also boost energy and vitality in addition to providing glandular support. The herbal ingredients in X-A include Siberian ginseng, parthenium root, saw palmetto, gotu kola, garlic, capsicum and more. Each ingredient offers its own special benefits for the body.

For example, Siberian ginseng and parthenium root work as adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that helps protect against the effects of environmental and biological stress while boosting immunity, energy and vitality. Saw palmetto is an herb often recommended by herbalists for male prostate health. Gotu kola works to increase mental sharpness and energy levels. Garlic and capsicum improve circulation and may even have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health.

The ingredients in this formula offer essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, niacin, zinc and vitamin A, all of which are important to male health.