Fat Grabbers (180)

180 capsules
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  • Helps decrease the body’s absorption of fat.
  • Two different types of fiber.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Fat Grabbers by Nature’s Sunshine are capsules designed to decrease the absorption of fat in the body. It may also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already normal. This product contains all natural ingredients and two different kinds of fiber. There are no dangerous stimulants in this product, only wholesome ingredients that are safe and gentle on your body.

Nature’s Sunshine conducted laboratory research that verifies the results of many other experiments that show saponins and lecithin work to emulsify fat when in water. This means that this product may assist in the emulsification of fat from the body. Guar gum and psyllium hulls work to bind the emulsified fat which is then eliminated from the body as waste material.

By using Fat Grabbers capsules along with a healthy diet and exercise plan may help you more effectively manage your weight. You can feel comfortable using this product as all of its ingredients have been shown to be safe and effective.

Fat Grabbers (180)