Kidney Activator

100 Capsules
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  • Kidney and lymphatic support
  • Minimizes edema due to menstrual cycle

Kidney Activator by Nature’s Sunshine is a Chinese herbal product made with 14 herbs chosen for their supportive effects on the kidneys and lymph glands.

In Chinese, this product is referred to as qu shi which means “to get rid of dampness.” This product reduces water and promotes proper balance of the kidneys and joints. In Chinese herbology, it is very important to promote a balance of both yin and yang and the elements of nature in the body, one of which is water.

This product may also reduce water retention associated with the menstrual cycle. It contains active ingredients like morus, hoelen and astralagus. Astralagus is a common adaptogen used to provide support for the systems of the body and protect against stressors.

Other herbal ingredients used in this high quality Chinese formula include magnolia bark, cinnamon twig, psyllium seed, ginger rhizome and licorice root. Some of the ingredients in this formula, like licorice root and ginger rhizome, are staples of Chinese herbology and are often included in herbal blends of all kinds.

Kidney Activator