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  • Helps the Body Support a Healthy Prostate Gland
  • Provides Nutrition for the Male Glandular System

PS II is a formula made by Nature’s Sunshine Products to support the health of the male prostate and glandular system. This product contains nutrients like calcium, magnesium, selenium, chromium and zinc. In addition, it contains a variety of beneficial herbs chosen for their supportive effects on male health.

Complementary products to PS II include supplements such as saw palmetto and bee pollen in addition to vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C.

The herbs in this formula include black cohosh root, which is commonly used for male health. Licorice root works as a tonic which supports healthy detoxification and glandular function. Another total body tonic which may help support healthy glands and boost the immune system is golden seal, which is also included in this formula. Kelp is a form of algae packed with nutrients and minerals.

Then there’s capsicum, which promotes healthy circulation. Dong quai is yet another beneficial herb included in this formula. Dong quai is a very common herb used in