Collatrim Capsules

180 Capsules
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  • Support weight management by utilizing high levels of protein and
    important amino acids contained in our premier source of collagen.
  • Helps the body obtain a favorable ratio of the fat-storing hormone insulin
    and the fat-burning hormone glucagon.
  • Stimulating the release of human growth hormone, which burns fat and
    strengthens and supports muscle tissue.

Collatrim by Nature’s Sunshine Products is a supplement that may support healthy weight and stimulate the natural release of HGH or human growth hormone.

This hormone helps burn fat and adds strength to muscle tissue. If you’re trying to build lean muscle and burn fat, you may want to consider this supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and consistent exercise program.

This product contains bovine collagen, which is the same protein found in connective tissues and bones. It also contains amino acids which combine with proteins to become building blocks of the human body. The protein and amino acids found in collatrim may help your body rebuild and strengthen muscle more effectively.

In addition, this product may also help balance the fat burning hormone called glucagon. It may also help balance insulin levels which are crucial in the fat storage process.

Collatrim Capsules