Evening Primrose Oil

90 Capsules
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  • Provides the body with important fatty acids.
  • Helps promote energy.
  • May help the body maintain proper temperature.
  • Strengthens body tissues.
  • Supports the glandular and circulatory systems.

Evening Primrose Oil or EPO is a product by Nature’s Sunshine which contains an essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA.) This fatty acid helps the body create prostaglandins, which can be compared to microscopic messengers. These messengers have hundreds of different tasks within the body.

If you don’t have an adequate amount of natural GLA it is very difficult to maintain optimum health. This product combines GLA with linoleic acid and vitamin E for maximum results.

Evening primrose oil has long been used by women going through menopause or experiencing uncomfortable side effects associated with menstruation. It may soothe the discomfort of PMS and reduce pain and tenderness associated with fibrocystic breast condition. Some practitioners may even recommend evening primrose for liver health.

It also helps promote overall vitality, supports a normal body temperature and helps strengthen tissues. The glandular system and circulatory system may also reap the benefits of this supplement.

Evening Primrose Oil