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  • Supports the urinary system.
  • Beneficial to the kidneys.

Hydrangea is a flowering herb once used by the Cherokee Indian tribe. The flowers may be white, purple, pink or even blue. Native Americans such as the Cherokee used hydrangea to encourage kidney health and introduced this herb to colonial settlers. Hydrangea is not only popular in the garden but also in the medicine cabinet of many modern herbalists. One common use of hydrangea is for urinary health. Because of its solvent bitterness, this herb naturally works to support proper kidney and urinary function.

Nature’s Sunshine hydrangea is packed with minerals, saponins, flavonoids, silicon and resins. The root of the hydrangea plant is powdered and dried to produce these capsules. Each capsule offers 325 of hydrangea. The serving size is two capsules to be taken with food three times daily.