Kidney Drainage

2 fl oz.
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  • Urinary system support.
  • Helps support the daily function of the kidneys

Kidney Drainage [Urinary] provides herbs to support the kidneys. Every day
the kidneys filter nearly 200 liters of fluid from the bloodstream. They excrete
toxins, metabolic wastes and excess ions and reabsorb necessary metabolic
byproducts. These two bean-shaped structures also regulate the volume and
chemical composition of the blood. Good nutrition and fluid intake support
kidney function and promote proper waste removal and healthy tissue.

Kidney Drainage contains Asparagus officinalis and plantain leaf, which may
help support fluid removal in the kidneys. Juniper berries support the urinary
system as it works to maintain proper fluid balance. Goldenrod increases the
production of urine without reducing levels of important electrolytes.

Kidney Drainage