Ultimate GreenZone Capsules (180)

180 Capsules
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  • Enhances bodily functions, especially elimination.
  • Contains the full array of nutrients the body needs from grains.
  • Helps the body normalize cholesterol levels, due to its high-fiber content.
  • Provides a meal that is easily absorbed and metabolized into energy.
  • Improves overall immunity.

Ultimate GreenZone® [Vital Nutrition]. By combining wholesome ingredients like amaranth seeds, brown rice, millet and spirulina, with nutritional food stuffs, including carrots, broccoli, acerola fruit and lemon bioflavonoids, NSP has created Ultimate GreenZone–a beverage mix that is easily absorbed and metabolized for a great feeling of energy. Ultimate GreenZone is perfect for the young, the aged, the invalid and the very active. It offers a complement to a meal and provides additional nutrients and energy for people who are always on the go. Ultimate GreenZone is easily metabolized into energy and helps promote proper bodily functions, including waste elimination and immune capability.

Ultimate GreenZone Capsules (180)