CA, Herbal

100 Capsules
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  • Provides minerals and companion compounds that help nourish the structural
    and nervous systems.
  • Contains herbs to enhance calcium absorption.

CA Herbal is designed to provide the body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to support the structural and nervous system. These nutriens and minerals include silicon, which helps make tissues stronger. This includes the protective covering which surrounds the nerves. Magnesium is included and works in conjunction with calcium. Nature’s Sunshine CA ATC is also a source of vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A.

The active herbal ingredients in this formulation include alfalfa, passion flower, Irish moss, horsetail, plantain, marshmallow root, hops, oatstraw stem and wheat grass. Each of these ingredients have been carefully chosen for maximum results. For example, horsetail provides a high level of silicon. Hops and passion flower encourage relaxation and decrease anxiety. Irish moss soothes the tissues because of its high mucilage content. CA ATC is a product that herbalists may recommend to individuals who want to support the optimum health of their nervous system and structural system.

CA, Herbal